Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning Brooklyn NY New York

You’ve invested a lot in your beautiful oriental floor coverings, and we understand your concerns.  Our certified technicians have received specialized training in the proper cleaning that Oriental rugs require.  Incorrect cleaning will leave a residue that dirt will adhere to, and your rug will get dirty more quickly.  Dirt and sand act like sandpaper as you walk on the rug and grind them into the surface.  This can cause premature wear and damage.

Maintenance Tips

For regular maintenance, we recommend that you vacuum frequently, being careful not to catch the fringe, and turn or rotate your rug to avoid wear patterns.  Sun will fade your rug, so keep that in mind when placing it.  You may need to close drapes or blinds at certain times of the day, or even consider protective window tinting.

You can avoid moth problems just by knowing that the pests don’t like to be disturbed.  They avoid rugs that are walked on and vacuumed.  Rotating your rug will expose and disturb parts that were covered by furniture.  Good housekeeping will also prevent damage by carpet beetles, which are often brought into the house in the pollen and nectar of cut flowers.  To avoid dry rot, never place a potted plant on your rug.  No matter how careful you are, the risk is too great for it to get wet, stay wet, develop mildew and suffer dry rot damage.

Blot up spills immediately with a damp cloth or paper towel. Use more water in the cloth if the stain still needs to be diluted.  Some rugs have unstable dyes that will run when they get wet, but that’s not too often.  Nonetheless, use caution when picking up stains.  If the stain remains after your efforts, call us as soon as possible for a professional cleaning.

To determine if your rug needs to be cleaned professionally, test an area by blotting it with a damp, white cloth.  Some darkening of the cloth is normal, due to surface dust.  But if the cloth picks up a lot of dirt, you’ll know it’s time for a professional cleaning by White Glove.

We provide pick-up and delivery of Oriental rugs, or you can save by handling the delivery and pick-up yourself.  We’ll carefully inspect and test your rug to determine the safest cleaning agents to use.  Your rug will be properly dried before it is returned.  We also do spot dyeing and restoration for older rugs.

In short, protect your beautiful investment with proper care and maintenance. Call Spotlifters when it’s time for a professional cleaning.