Carpet Protectant

Carpet Protector Austin TexasFaster Drying, Better Coverage!
Now, you can eliminate extended drying times because Maxim™ Advanced uses half the water of other protectors! Plus, special dispersing agents make sure all the carpet is thoroughly protected.

You will love how easily spills are removed and how great their carpet will look between cleanings. And Maxim ™ Advanced has the kind of dry soil protection that will prevent fiber damage and appearance loss in traffic areas that causes so much carpet to be replaced prematurely. They’ll especially love how easily their carpet will come clean at the next cleaning!

A Word About Olefin and Polyester Carpets:
Many consumers are under the impression that their olefin and polyester carpets are “stain proof ” and therefore don’t need carpet protector. And while these fibers are naturally stain resistant when it comes to dye stains, olefin and polyester carpets still need protection.

Why?  Both olefin and polyester fibers love oily soils and absorb it quite easily. This is why many such carpets develop a yellow cast over time from oily residues that have bonded with the fibers. Olefin and polyester are also very susceptible to damage from dry soils that scratch the fibers and create appearance loss that cannot be corrected by cleaning or anything else. And since these fibers love oily soils, dry soils stick easily where they are ground into the fibers by foot traffic, accelerating the fiber damage with a sandpaper effect.

But now you can help your customers protect their olefin and polyester carpets from this damage by protecting them with Maxim™ Advanced. That’s because, unlike traditional protectors, Maxim™ Advanced has been designed to adhere to olefin and polyester and will provide extremely high levels of protection against oily and dry soils.

In fact, Maxim™ Advanced can be used on all carpet fibers-even wool!