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Whether restoring original color after removing stains from bleach, pets, blood, rust, burns or grease, or revitalizing faded color, or changing color completely, the proven Langenwalter method involves a unique hot liquid dye process which ensures that color is permanent and uniform. Our expert technicians use only our proprietary Langenwalter dye formulas, know to be technologically superior to all others. That’s why we are headquarters for Carpet Color Correction® Our dyes are remarkably strong, clear coloring agents precisely engineered to give new life and amazing vibrancy to all types of carpeting. The color application is as permanent as the color applied at the carpet mill.

Bleach Spots

Possible Causes

Bleaching is caused by many different household chemicals. Household bleach, bathroom cleaners, acne medicine, Clearasil, Benz gel, 0xy-10. Pool chemicals, skin care products, Laundry bleach, oxygen bleach, disinfectants, fade creams, pesticides, and tile cleaners. Many other less harsh chemicals, even hair shampoo left over a long period of time can cause color loss. Langenwalter, will neutralize the chemical and replace the missing color so that the spot is virtually unnoticeable. Ther is no need to replace an entire carpet for a few bleach spots.

Below are some before and after shots of bleach spot repair.

Dark Spots

Dark Spots can be caused by food, grease, garden soil, fireplace soot, motor oil, walk-in dirt, ink, dye, beer, cocktails, butter, chocolate, coffee, crayons, eggs, mud, cough syrup, shoe polish, tar, asphalt, and many other things found in the house or business.

Filtration dark spots is common under a closed door, on stairs, and edges. This can be found where air is forced through small cracks and collects airborne dirt and acts like a air filter. Most dark spots can be fixed by removing the color that caused it and dyeing back to the original color.

Red Spots

Red spots can be caused by wine, soda, punch, food dye, tomato sauce, blood, fruit juice, popsicles, lipstick, paint, nail polish, and other foods. The red can be removed and the carpet brought back to the original color.

Rust Spots

Rust is generally made up of iron oxide which is metal exposed to water. The bottom of furniture is commonly covered in metal. If a drink or other water source is in contact for a period of time, rust will form. Refrigerators, air conditioners, water heaters, metal legs of furniture will all cause rust on carpets. It will then bond to the carpet making it difficult to remove.